Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our day...

We haven't been up to too much new around here. I am pulling weeds and extending my garden area. I have aspirations of planting a fall garden, and a spectacular garden next spring. I canned 4 quarts of nectarines tonight, it would have been 5 quarts but one of my glass jars exploded! We have two new little baby chicks living with us. Well, we have had them since they were 1 day old, and they are about 3 weeks now. Caillou named them Eunice and Mamoo. We spent a day with Boo-Bah today (my mama). Mama bought me some darling little fat quarters that I am very excited to create with. We had a yummy lunch, and Caillou and Jasper played at the park for a bit. This evening I went out with two missionaries from my church. We went to visit a man named Tim to see if he would like to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tim was drunk, had a shot gun, and a grudge against Mormons. It was a very, very interesting evening. Goodnight Y'all....


  1. Hi Ashley,sounds like a nice day with Mama and your babies...those chicks are cute. I would like to have a few laying hens if I could get a nice coup built for them. I had some in the past and the coyotes ate my little mama hens 16 baby chicks...haven't have the heart to get anymore since...have a blessed day...

  2. Sounds like you didn't have a safe evening. I want details please.

    When you get to my house today I want to go to Joann's for a fat quarter pile like yours.


  3. Yes, details please! The chicks must be so cute, judging by the one picture

  4. my daughter got a kick out of the chicks in the truck. So, cute.