Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Burgers and nudity....

Today, Caillou ran though Burger King stark naked. The wonderful Mr. Caillou is in the ever so delightful process of being potty trained. He is doing really good with keeping his diapers dry... he had just finished eating his slice of hershey pie and loudly announced " I need to go pee-pee" So we march onwards to the potty, and while he was doing his duty, I was rinsing out his shirt and shorts in the sink, which were covered in chocolate. Before I could get him into a fresh diaper and clean clothes, he took of at lighting speed, bare bottomed, wearing nothing but a smile and sneakers and ran throughout the burger king. A couple of teenage boys found it hillarious, announcing there was a streaker at burger king. And my mama and papa laughed wildly and Jasper clapped his hands. It was an interesting evening, one that brought a smile to everyone's face and laughter to everyones lips. My days are crazy, and usually never free of some form of chaos, but I love it. Whether it is the wild moments or the simple times, motherhood is the best! Trying and tiring, but more rewarding and wonderful than anything else I have yet to experience. P.S. During Caillou's naked running marathon, he was singing the theme song to "Bob the Builder" Have a wonderful evening, y'all!


  1. So funny! Bob the builder, haha! Too bad he wasn't wearing a burger king hat!

  2. Too precious! I wish I could have seen that!