Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling crafty....

Mama's looking at books, we could be here a while!!!
Today MY mama, (Boo-bah to the boys) and I went to the book store and the craft store. We looked at lots of delightful, bright, cheery books full of wonderful projects, and scrumptious little cupcakes. At the craft store my mama added some more supplies to my crafty collection.... Thanks Mama!!!
I have been in a very creative mood as of lately, okay, I am always in a baking, sewing, crafting, I want to make something sort of mood. But I have actually been quite productive, and doing more than just ooh and aahh over other people lovely creations... In the past two weeks I have made the boys blue velour robes from an old blanket. I finished up their little jackets, and 4 long sleeve shirts, and have been crocheting little bathtime wash cloths for them. I canned some nectarines too! I have so many projects going through my mind, and never enough time to do them it seems. And just as I get one project checked of my to do list, I think up about ten more! Before the end of this week I would like to can pickles, chunky applesauce, and maybe some blueberries. I also want to get started on my Christmas projects, and make some Halloween decorations too!


  1. You certainly have been busy. Everything turned out so cute. Jasper looks so serious. He is fast becoming a toddler. He is a little angel. A noisy one sometimes.LOL!

    I like your new background. I like your header too.

    I had fun today. I will see you tomorrow maybe.

    Hugs from Boo-Bah
    aka your Mama

  2. Hello dear Ashley,you have done such a good job on all your projects. You should be very proud of yourself,indeed. You are such a good little mother to your precious babies...Boo-Bah seems to be a pretty good Mama herself(smile)...I guess that's where you picked up your mothering skills from. From your mama setting such a good example....isn't that the way it should be? Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.....I loved visiting you today...


  3. How nice you got so much done! The robes are great and I'll bet your nectarines will be great, too. Get the Etsy store up and running, too. Especially before Christmas.

  4. What a woman. I tell you. I love coming to your blog. I usually feel pretty blah by the time I get to blogging but coming to your blog always shines some sun in my life.

  5. How adorable! I love it! I need to get myself to Joannes!