Thursday, September 17, 2009

September fun....

I love my boys, duh... you have all heard it before. But I do! We have been having lots of adventures. Yesterday we had a special trip to the Wild Animal Park with my best friend Sarah, and her two little ones. Caillou did quite well, he walked the whole time, and only had a few time outs. He is very very quick though, and I did find myself having to remove him from the flamingo encounter, and catch him after he crawled under a small fence during a baby alligator show. We went for an ice cream afterwards, and then to Target. I should have know better than to go to Target, but I selfishly wanted to look around the store, I love to go places..... Caillou was in melt down mode. My arms today are bruised up and down from the many bites he gave me during our target trip. Nothing I do, seems to effectively get through to him that biting is not okay. I worried that he might have a future in Cannibalism, because as he is biting me he is saying "I want to eat you mommy" These are no soft, playful, love bites, but long, full forced, skin pulling, drawing blood bites. I was so disheartened I threw up my hands and told my mama that Caillou needed to live in an institution! Somedays I feel so at a loss to help my little boy overcome his emotions, and gain self control, sometimes I feel like giving up. But as I watched my little one sleep last night, the thought came into my mind very loud and clear " every moment counts" I cannot give up on my little biter, not for one half a second, I cannot say one unkind thing in the heat of a moment. Every second, every moment counts. Even if my little one does want to "EAT ME" as he says, I am his mother, I will not give up. I will love this mischief out of him. I will talk a little softer, cry a little less, and perhaps invest in some steel sleeves to wear.


  1. I know it is hard with littles. As I type this I just overcame a meltown from my little one. There are times I also want to just give up. But I know that I can't. I know I will survive and they will too.

  2. I also have a very bad love hate relationship with Target. Love it but my wallet doesn't.

  3. Be encouraged dear Ashley..your little Caillou seems to be quite the challenge for you but God will give you strength and wisdom in training him. My son J.W. that I have raised since his first year(he was my niece's child and she was unwilling to keep him)has been a huge challenge and also a wonderful blessing to my life. His biological mother abused drugs when carrying him which led to many problems in his behavior etc. The most scary thing for me was when he was about eight,he ran his arm through the window in his room out of pure anger. I decided at that time to seek some professionally help. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD and put on meds...helped some but the hyperness has always been a huge challenge. He is now 17 and still full of so much energy he just has to run or scream to get it out....sometime when everything is still and quite he lets a a release and about scares me out of my wits.... He recently decided he doesn't want to continue taking his meds. I said we would try unless his grades start to drop...I too continue to ask God for wisdom in dealing with this almost grown young man who sometimes can very much behave like a two year old,running through the house etc...keeps life more than interesting. I love him with all my heart and thank God I was given the privilege to raise him as my own....
    So sorry ,didn't mean to write my life story(smile)

  4. So so proud of Caillou! I think biting is normal. And while he may seem a bit more extreme, he has an extreme personality. I made people bleed with my teeth as a toddler and I do not bite people anymore. I grew out of the phase as I think Caillou will. Just keep up the great work. I have seen so much improvement in him! Love you all!

  5. You didn't bite but once Ashley. But you could have won trophies for your tantrums. With time things will get better. He did pretty good today.

    I have to laugh when I think of some of the funny things he does and has said. Like when he was talking about my back and threw his hand up to his face and exclaimed, "How Sad" I just love him and his funny ways to pieces.

    Jasper is a little sweetie and he is slowly learning to hold his own with Caillou. It was nice taking care of Jasper today while you were at the hospital.


    I hope your foot will feel better by tomorrow.

  6. Woops! There I go again signing Iris I mean Mama of course.