Thursday, September 10, 2009

My little Kitchen

My house is quite small, but I really do adore it. I have all these ideas for it if someday I actually owned this little old house rather than rent it. Plans to build a room here, build another there, make another little nook for me to hold school in for my little ones. I would build a solid wood fence on the sides of the house, and a white picket fence in the front, a gazebo out back with fancy twinkling lights to enjoy summer evenings with the kids, and of course a sewing room would be added on to the house as well! But, fantasizing about things, don't make them come true. For alas, I am poor, and probably will remain that way for the rest of my life. Each year, our income grows smaller and smaller, and my hopes for a home of my own diminish a bit more. I pray that we will be able to stay in this little house for as long as we can, I love it, and do all that I can to give it a feeling of home for the boys. My idea of home is something sunshiny, bright, cheerful, welcoming, full of heartfelt everday homemade touches. Old fashioned, vintage goodies, little second hand treasures, quilts, flowers, and a modge podge of homemade goodness fills every crevice of my house. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my kitchen.


  1. Your boys ( and future ones!) will always remember their home filled with love and goodness. Because that is the way you have made it. You probably won't always be poor, but that is not what the kids will remember. Their love is what you will remember along with the good times you had together. Why am I rambling? Thanks for the kitchen tour, Ilove when others do this. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi dear Ashley,I love your little kitchen. It is so very cute and charming.Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. I have never had much in the way of monetary means but always managed to make do with what I had to make our house a pleasant home to live. Some of the houses we rented when my children were very young were less than charming and some should have been condemned but,was all we could afford at the time. I was thankful we had a home though.I pray you can spend many years in your little home. I pray one day you will have that home of your dreams. I know God's word say he will give us the desires of our heart but,I always pray when asking ,If it be thy will..he has so much laid up in store in Heaven for those who trust him here on earth..There is a mansion prepare by his own hands waiting for me there,filled with all the things I love so much..and for you too... God bless you dear....

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  4. Your kitchen is quaint and charming. Remember how much fun we had when I took you shopping for your little house?

    Your little house is you through and through.
    Your creativeness is in every room.

    I am sorry about your chicken. I know how sad you are.

    I have been having trouble posting and having a weird word on one post that I didn't type on another blog. I couldn't unload any pictures yesterday. I have no idea if it's my computer or Google.
    Yesterday I erased a post here because I signed it Iris instead of mama. I also said something you wouldn't have wanted me to.

    Your Mama is learning to keep her mouth shut.

    aka your

  5. What a kitchen that is sure full of sunshine. Looks like that kitchen brings a lot of love and smiles to the little ones and to you. Very precious.