Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing Hillbilly...

Hello to all, I apologize for going missing and not updating the blog. I have had a lot of drama this past week. Y'all already know that I am in the process of simplifying my life. You have read of my phone strike, you have probably noticed that I am blogging less frequently, and when I do blog I speak of desiring to us my time more wisely, and focus on enjoying the simple things in life. Well... simplifying.... became very complicated. The story I am about to share, does not invlove anyone who reads my blog, however, all though I know that what I write, will not be read by this person, I will still refrain from mentioning her name. A certain someone, brought about a great deal of drama in my life this past week. I had tried to befriend this person, even though we were very unalike. The friendship quickly became very overwhelming. I would receive an alarming amount of phone calls and hang ups daily. She harshly criticized my dear Caillou's behavior, and had the audacity to diagnose him with her medical opinions. This certain person is neither a doctor nor an educator of children. Our time was spent, listening to her complaints about her marriage and family, listening to her spread horrible untrue rumors, and hearing her go on and on about how horrible it was to be pregnant, and give birth. It greatly saddened me to see that her child was an after thought in her life, rather than taking front and center in her heart. After several months of trying to extend my friendship, I finally decided that this was not an atmosphere that I wanted to be in. I decided to right a short little note. In it I kindly let her know that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and was working on simplifying my life. I spoke of the happiness I feel being a homemaker, and that I wanted to do less running around. That I was sorry if this let her down or dissappointed her, but that my priority was my faith, and my family, and that I had to work everything else around that. I in turn received a trio of very unkind emails from her husband and her. All though there was much drama this past week, I feel a sense of relief, that it is all done. It was very hard to spend time with a person who left you feeling so drained of any happiness or feelings of the Spirit. Well.... I appreciate you listening to me ramble about the drama of my past week. So on a happier note I will share the better stuff! On Friday, I went to the grocery store. I parked my car and lo and behold there were three ducks sitting next to me!!! I gathered the boys into the shopping cart, and began duck herding. I knew these ducks had wandered off from the duck pond behind the store, the same duck pond that we released a crawdad into, and the same duck pond in which we emmancipated a cow by accident. We were quite the sight, running and quacking with the shopping cart, tossing french fries, and trying to herd the ducks back to the pond. After a good 20 minutes, I was quite out of breath, and had not made much progress, but it sure was fun trying!

I did not make these darling little pincushions, but I can't wait to try my hand at making some of these litte lovelies.

The past two days I have been down at the hospital visitng my mom, who is recovering from having had a hysterectomy. She is in a lot of pain, but on the road to recovery. After last week's chaos, and the past 2 days of lots of driving,early mornings, and late nights. I am ready to stay home!!! I am going into Hillbilly Hermit mode! I may however venture out for quilt group, and perhaps a stroll to the thrift store. But for the most part my next few days will be filled with baking, creating, and playing with the boys. Every day Caillou has been asking me to make cake, so tomorrow cake I will bake! I have so many little projects going on around here. I am crafting and stitching up a storm. I have it all planned that I am going to hold a little craft fair here at my place, selling my homemade goods to fund my boys Christmas presents. I have been stitching, and glueing, and modge podging, and bow tying, and paper cutting lots and lots and lots. I just finished up some little sewing notions boxes, and now I am working on pincushions, journals, rag dolls, and soft critters, and making a darling little garland to hang on the wall... a row of tiny houses for my own little tiny house. Also in this weeks plans is to sew Jasper's teddy bear for his birthday and collect some more cans! I am collecting as many cans and bottles as I can so that I can afford to get him a store bought gift. Money has been so tight. Our church has blessed us by paying this months rent, but we still have so many bills left to pay. With a bank account balance of $9 and an unemployed hubby, it makes it difficult to keep on the sunny side of things. However, I am going to do my best not to worry, and craft myself into oblivion. I will come out of hiding, and post a new post as soon as I have some pictures of what I have been making to share! Have a wonderful week.


  1. Wow your drama with your acquaintance sounds very much like what happened with a friend and co-worker of mine recently. I feel your pain but glad that you, like me, took a stand. It is a relief to disassociate from emotional vampires.

    And I absolutely love, love, love the pincushions!!!! For some reason they remind of quilted cupcakes!!!! I can't sew to save my life or I would absolutely make some.

    Hang in there, friend.

  2. I will believe your hermitude when I haven't seen or heard from you in a week.

    I am so tired from all our trips to Michaels and Joann's waiting to see Kimberly and Caillou's exuberance towards shopping and lunches. I am thinking of being a hermit for awhile too.

    Your pin cushions are so cute! I turn 70 in October, and life's rule is, every 70 year old needs a pin cushion. Just thought I would mention that!!!!!

    I am glad that the drama with the unmentionable is over with.

    I like Mental Magicians name for the unmentionable. Emotional Vampire!

    I talked to Kimberly several times this morning. She sounds better, she is on a anti-inflammatory,

    I still think she should stay at least one more night.

    Well from one hermit to another, I am off to close my blinds, lock my door, put some hermit music on and I am going to craft. Oh yes, Bob is coming over on his way to hospital because I made him lunch so hermitville will have to wait.

    Mama aka Boo-Bah

  3. I have so went through a friendship (if you can call it that). I had to finally put a end to it. It was hard. There was some good qualities about her but at the same time there were many dragging me down. My husband asked me to the end it. So, I did. It was difficult. I am sure you did the right thing.

    As far as money I pray a big blessing your way!

  4. My dear friend,
    I hope Caillou is feeling better, sounds like it if he is asking for cake!
    I am glad drama is done with!
    Can't wait to see pictures of your little lovelies!!
    I will text or call you as soon as labor begins!!!
    your lazy friend sarah

  5. Hi Ashely,sounds like you made a good choice to end all the drama especially if it was interfering in your home life and your spiritual life. It's so apparent that this person needs prayer and probably has many issues. I pray she finds Jesus and the peace that comes with serving him.You did do the right thing though. You showed much compassion by tolerating her as long as you did and you were very graceful in letting her know it couldn't go now any longer which shows a great example of a Christlike attitude. I pray that your husband will find a good paying job and things will look up for you .In the mean time just trust the Lord. He is sure to provide for your family. I can't wait to see your things you make. You might want to post some things for sale on your blog. I think you would do well...praying your mom has a quick recovery and is feeling much better soon. I went through that myself last January!

    Have a blessed week,Shelley

  6. I meant weekend....smile....

  7. Hope your Mom is feeling better. I went through that so I know how it feels.
    I pray your finances will improve, and your husband can find work. If I was near you, I would go to your sale.

  8. Hi my hillbilly! I am sorry for the drain on your time and emotions, this will pass. I pray for her emotional stablility. She might want to get herself checked out and stop analyzing your dear one.
    Finances are tough with us too, right now. Not quite that bad but not good. I will pray for that too! Keep sewing!!! Enjoy hermit-land, it would do me some good to do that too and not spend money.