Monday, November 23, 2009

In the hallway....

Allright, so this is my little space in which I create things. In my hallway, wedged in between our dooway and the china cabinet. It is a bit messy, but it is hard to contain my crafty supplies in such small quarters. Our hallway is a bit wider than some, but I am worried, that as my stomach grows, I may not fit in my sewing room any longer!!! It is already a tight squeeze! But for now, while I still fit, this is where I sew. In the day time, the boys crawl under my chair, over the treadle, unplug my machine, unwind ribbon and wrap it round and round the chair legs, hop over me to get to the kitchen or potty, and then crawl under me to get back to the living room. It is a wild adventure to sew with them. In the evening, I am sandwiched smack dab in between two sleeping boys, with only a thin wall in front of me and behind me to keep them from waking, and if I wind a bobbin to fast, they do wake up!!! They have become accustomed though to the sounds of Mama's sewing machine, and for the most part, don't mind my night sewing. Occasionally, Caillou will come to his doorway and ask me what I am making, and then goes back to bed. I love my dollhouse full of my favorite fabrics, and my treadle table that serves as my sewing desk, there is a treadle machine inside, but being cramped on space, I had to pick one machine to sew with, and the one with a zig zag stitch and electronic features won! So there it is, my little sewing room, messy and tiny, but I thought I would show y'all anyway!


  1. I used to use a closet, so I know how you feel. Once we moved I took aver part of our basement. Enjoy

  2. You have done a great wonder creating your little sewing and crafting nook..It is very sweet....I am sure those babies one day,after they are all grown up,will think back with fond memories remembering the sound of your faithful sewing machine lulling them to sleep as their productive little mommy spent what little extra time she had doing what she loved most....sewing and doing for her own....have a very blessed Thanksgiving day with your little family Ashley...blessings

  3. I think if your sewing space was in the bottom of a trash can you would still create beautiful things. I love the creations on your header. I hope you had a good day with your boys today. Bless their little hearts.