Monday, November 16, 2009

Devilled Eggs for my little Devil....

Okay perhaps, devil is a bit too strong, let's just say... my not so angelic at times toddler! He loved them! Jasper was disgusted by the whole look, squishy feel, and taste of this special snack. But Caillou, oh Caillou loved them. Seeing his face light up when I brought them out, and hearing him "mmmmmm" and "yum" as he greedily gobbled them up, made it well worth stinking up the house with the stench of hard boiled eggs.


  1. I love me some hardboiled eggs. My kids only like they will gag if I have the yolk in it.

  2. Why are eggs so stinky and so good?

  3. Glad he liked them, sadly I would have sided with Jasper. Haha