Friday, March 13, 2009

Our babies....

Here are the newest addition to our Little Hillbilly Farm.
Nigerian dwarg goat brothers. They are four weeks old and the size of a full grown cat! They are very playful and loving. They drink from a bottle and are very snuggly. From the moment they arrived here they have been following us around like little puppy dogs. These cuties and the chickens and duck are all getting along swell. Tomorrow we will work on enlarging the pen area. All though, none of them stay there long! They all prefer roaming the yard, or their most favorite place of all, gathering in the living room! Silly animals!


  1. I HAVE to come see these new little additions! A friend was telling me about dwarf goats and how adorable they are!

  2. Oh so cute! Can't wait to see them, whenever I make the trek up your way!

  3. Welcome to the world Pickle and Sugar Pie. They are very cute.

    Riding around in your car yesterday was kind of like sitting in a barnyard. Hehe.

    Hurry up and post some pictures.

    Boo Bah aka your Mama