Thursday, March 19, 2009

Move over Caillou, there is a new Sheriff in town...

It seems as though with Caillou, everything is a battle. He is a very spirited and active little boy, with an opinion of his own, and a mind to do just what he wants and refuse to do what Mommy asks him to do. NAPS.... perhaps the biggest battle of all has been naptime... Since the day he was born he has not liked naps! I have been off and on, off an on again and again and again with enforcing his naps. Naptime usually requires so much effort, time, sweat, and physical labor, to get him in his bed, chase him ...put him back in his bed, repeat... oh roughly 1,987,652, times... that sometimes it just doesnt seem worth it. However, Caillou is miserable and tired by afternoon time without a nap, so.... I am laying down the law, afternoon naps are hereby mandatory and will be enforced. This will put a damper on our out and about adventures, and be a problem on Sunday due to our church scedule, but a happier more rested toddler will be well worth it. Wish me luck, I need it with Mr. Caillou the nap outlaw.

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  1. I hear you. My son Hated naps, too. The only time he'd nod off is when I'd drive to my Mother's house or around the beach. My daughter was a saint with naps and bedtime. Good luck with your new law!