Monday, March 16, 2009

A day on our farm...

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we enlarged our chicken yard with the fences from mama, more than doubling it's size, making it plenty big for the goats, chickens, and duck to live happily together. And we painted both of the little houses for our farm friends. Mr. Piggy ( the duck ) is the leader of the pack. He herds everyone where he thinks they need to be... and at night he herds everyone into the large wooden dog house and sleeps in the doorway with his head peeking out, as if he is keeping watch for anyone who might do his friends any harm. We named our goats... Pickles and SugarPie. It is very cute to hear Caillou when he tries to say their names. We dug up a small area for my corn crop to be planted. Originally I was planning to plant it in one long row, but I found out that if you are not going to plant rows and rows of corn it is better to plant them in a square and they will pollinate better. I am waiting for my birdhouse gourds and watermelons to sprout in their little greenhouses, nothing yet... I think it has been a little too cold and that is why it is taking a while. The birdhouse gourds should be fun. Craft projects for Caillou after growing season. For dinner I made vegetarian nachos, and we had ice cold rootbeer in the glass bottles. Caillou really enjoyed his dinner. Jasper had a little bit of avocado and Gerber cheese puffs. I suppose one of these days I will stay inside and sew, but lately I have been too busy out in the yard! I did sew a quilt night before last. I will take pictures soon. It is very sweet to bottle feed the baby goats. They are just so precious. On Sunday, I decided to make something unusual for dinner... Couscous and falafel.... or as my family has now renamed it... litter box loaves, I liked the stuff, but daddy and Caillou wouldn't touch it. Our duck wouldn't even it, and he eats everything! Today, I planted gazania sproutlings, took the boys to visit Boo-Bah, made a brick planter box for my sugar baby pumpkins, mowed the lawn, played with the boys on their swings, and taught Caillou about the Creation. We are looking forward to Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow! Grammy is coming up to visit and we are having an all green feast!


  1. They are really cute. They have longer hair than I thought. I am glad that they will not be on somones dinner plate. I could never be a farmer who raised animals for food.

    Who would have thought??? Growing up you wouldn't clean the cat box!

    Have fun with Grammy today.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work. I love the goats and their names!

  3. oooh, you are busy but sounds like fun!!!!

  4. OH Boo-Bah is your Grandmother! How nice. What precious little animals. They look so innocent. Cindy