Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I watched Caillou give this chicken a tour of the entire house. She was put on the bed and given a kiss, put on the table, the counters, the sewing maching, in a bowl, on a train, in the highchair, everywhere. Caillou was absolutley delighted to take this chicken with him all over the house for nearly an hour.

I bathed the two stinkers! They didn't stay clean long.
Baked some yummy brownies from scratch.
,Made a new little pathway in between my freshly planted ivy garden in my side yard.
Planted delicate little, yellow marigolds and lavender baby's breath flowers near my clothes line.
Oh yes , I also tried to resuscitate my new telephone after Caillou submerged it in the toilet. Put the tupperware back in my cupboard three times. Captured the rowdy toddler that scaled my chain link fence and ran into the neighbor's house, yes Caillou did that! Chased chickens, made stew, dug holes, put up fences, got a blister, taught Caillou a new song, nursed Jasper a gazillion times, swept the floor almost as many times as I nursed Jasper! Unburied the galoshes Caillou buried in the back yard. Played patty cake, folded laundry, re-folded laundry, and nearly collapsed dead on the floor at the thought of repeating this all tomorrow!

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