Monday, January 12, 2009

Naptime Reinstated at the Little Hillbilly Farm

This picture of my darling little Caillou was taken on the way to the hospital the day that Jasper was born. From the picture, one would think that Caillou is a peaceful sleeper... Huh! Not so.... From the day this little man was born, he has held naptime in great contempt, and alas bedtime as well. You see, in the eyes of this "busy all day long" two year old boy, sleep serves no purpose. It is nothing but a bothersome hinderance in his ever so busy day. So the great naptime/bedtime war began... At the age of 1, Caillou finally began sleeping through the night. At 15 months he began catapaulting himself from his crib in protest to his afternoon nap. In the past months he has abandoned his nap all together, at the great dismay of everyone who has to be around this overly tired grouchy little being! You see, naptime was ended because of the great nap war.... Caillou detests his naps so vehemently that he would prefer to throw 4 hour tantrums rather than just surrender and go to sleep. He conquered the child proof door handle, he scaled the 3 foot dog gate, it was plain to see he was winning this war. So, me the peace keeping mommy, waived my white flag of surrender and gave him victory to round one of the nap wars. Napless days, has been a way of life over here for the past couple of months. This is no longer the case. I have folded up my white flag, and put it back in the napkin drawer where it belongs. There will be no more battles, this mommy has gotten a little something called commen sense... my two year old is not the boss of me! If I say nap, he will nap! And for the second day in a row, he is napping, peacefully in his bed. Hooray, I am victorious! Letters of praise and gifts for my heroic duty may be sent to the Little Hillbilly Farm.


  1. good call! I hope it continues! Naptime is an absolute must and I don't know what I would do without it!!!