Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day in the life of me....

I should have known from the way my day starte, that it would be a no good, yucky sort of day. My day began far too early, on account of my children waking up like little roosters, but what can I do... so as I started my day I slipped on my robe and put my hand in my pocket and what did I find? POOP... not chocolate, not brown crayon, POOP, real from the hiny POOP! How and when Caillou got this morsel out of his diaper and into my pocket I don't know, I don't want to know. The thought that there could be more poop hidden throughout my house in such discreet places as pockets, greatly disturbs me. Now... if I didn't have children I would have immediatey ran to the bath to take a hot sanitizing shower. But, it is sadly not so... I have to make do with a quick kitchen sink scrub, and begin my daily tasks, still wearing the poop in the pocket robe. Hey, if I had time to get dressed in the morning, I would! So... breastfeed one, make toast for the other. Chop up fruit, make the bed, which smells on the side that I don't sleep on? Hmmmm... won't name names, but you know who sleeps on that side of the bed. Wash dishes, pick raisins of my floor. Sweep, sweep, and sweep away the pound of dirt and the eternal dust bunnies that plague my floors. TIMEOUT. Caillou has began throwing condiments at the chicks that live on top of our deep freezer. Wash dishes, change diapers, TIMEOUT. Caillou has thrown his galoshes at the Chicks. Tend to the duck, tend to the chickens, tend to the cats. TIMEOUT. Don't even remember what he did, but it was bad, very bad. Loooooooong TIMEOUT! Finally showered, and dressed and on my way to my WIC appointment. Did I mention Caillou ramsacked his room during his long time out. Went to WIC, disastrous as usual. Went to McDonalds, radiantly shining highlight of my day. It is sad when a cheeseburger brings me such great joy. Grocery shopped, God save me, nightmare!!!! Came home, and boy oh boy... it all started with Caillou breaking a china plate over my head and it is all a blur from there. I do remember sweeping 5 pounds of mashed potato flakes off my floor and scrubbing ketchup out of the grout of my kitchen floor. Oh yes, and he ramsacked his room once again. This day resulted in every single one of Caillou's toys being put away! No more toys for naughty little boys. He will be allowed to play with one toy at a time, no more toy store bedroom. My house, my life, my toddler will have order! Give me sanity or give me a straight-jacket. The day ended sweetly with a series of bedtime stories being read, and a kiss goodnight. I then finally brought in my clothes off the line that have been out there for the past 36 hours. Hey if I can survive poop in my pocket, crunchy, sun-faded clothes don't bother me.

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  1. Although this day was a trying one it sounded as though it ended nicely reading to your little character Caillou.