Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am a farmerette...

Caillou building a snowman in our front yard.  A very kind man, by the name of Doug, pulled up with his truck full of snow, and offered it to my boys to play with!  Caillou was delighted!
A homegrown bouquet from my garden...
The house for my feral cats that I towed along with my two children from the feed store all the way home.  I was the entertainment along main street that day.
Pretty colors to brighten up the farm!
Okay, the honeymoon has been lovely but it is time to get back to blogging!
Daddy came home after 8 long weeks of trucking, he was quite missed...  and so all digging, rock moving, planting, and chicken coop building was put on hold for some lovey dovey, kissy smoochie time.  My lips were chapped from kissing, and the weeds out back were growing taller!  So... today we worked on the yard.  We raked, hoed, and put up a small fence, which will house the rose bushes that I plan on receiving from my children for Valentine's day, Mother's Day and so forth... hint, hint Daddy if you are reading this.  We also set forth working on fencing off the little chicken yard.  I have decided that the dear chickens will need a yard of their own, so they will not eat all my fruits and vegetables from the big garden that will be growing soon.  Still no chickens, nor  a coop, but plans, big plans.  We will finish fencing off their yard over the next few days, and hopefully a coop will come next.  Today I began hoeing around to soften up the dirt and discovered many stepping stones making a path buried beneath 3-4 inches of dirt.  I wonder who made this little path, where it lead to, what was growing around it.  Living in a house aged 103, I am sure it has a plentiful past!  I can hardly wait to get outside tomorrow and see how many more stepping stones I can dig up.  I plan to reuse them to make my own little path.  The yard really doesn't look like much yet, but I can see it all, with every weed I pull, and every pile of dirt and rocks I move, I can see what my little farm will become.  I had become so independent while daddy was away, that it felt weird to be getting help in the yard today.  His training is complete, but he is still waiting to get his own truck, so I will have his help for a while longer.  However, man or no man home, I still will retain my post as farmerette of this farm!


  1. That is so neat finding old stepping stones. Are they like the ones leading up to your porch.

    I am looking forward to see your little garden when the vegetables are in.

  2. I loved the pictures! I can't believe you walked with two kids and that house all the way home! I think i would have had to take a picture, hehe:)