Friday, December 12, 2008

Counting with Caillou....

1.   The number of minutes it takes for Caillou to get into trouble

2.  The Number of eggs Caillou tried to fry on my hardwood floors today.

3.  The number of times Caillou hit Daddy's car with the hammer before I could stop him.

4.  The number of cats Caillou chases all over the yard.

5.  How many hours we are away from bedtime.

6.  The number of cookies Caillou snuck and ate while I was nursing Jasper.

7.  The number of times today Caillou has bitten me.

8.  The number of Christmas ornaments remaining on my tree.

9.  The number of times that crazy boy has hugged me today.

10.  The amount of rocks Caillou has brought inside today.

11.  The number of hours Caillou will sleep before this all happens again.

12.  The number of children I plan on having.

quote of the day for the weary mother....  "come what may, and love it"


  1. That is so funny. It's just an average day with Caillou isn't it?

  2. completely adorable! I love entry number 12.