Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby is coming soon....

Hello all!  I thought I would check in and give a little update.  Little Ollie will be joining our family very soon!  I have been scheduled to have my c-section May 12th.  It still is hard to believe that there will be another little baby, even with the morning sickness, watermelon belly, heartburn, and running to the potty every 5 minutes, suddenly I feel this sense of surprise and shock that I am indeed about to have a BABY.  I have gone into a mad sewing frenzy making things as often as I have the chance.  Trying to finish up all those last minute projects.  Okay, I guess I am always in a sewing frenzy, making things for my little loves.  The week before Ollie is born, my mama is throwing me a special mommyhood- baby luncheon.  I decided to scratch the plan of a traditional baby shower, and have a small intimate lunch with my mama, mom, and two closest girlfriends instead.  I am quite pleased that we are celebrating in this way, with the people in my life that truly love and care about me.  We are going to be dining at Marie Calendars... I can't wait to order some deep fried green beans!  ( A very tasty appetizer they have there!)  Then comes Mother's Day, and then Ollie arrives!  May will be a good month!
Well, since my two little rowdies are in bed, I should work on my sewing projects!  Just wanted to stop in and say Hi!  I do have plans on updating this little old blog more often, and sharing recipes and sewing projects and this and that, it just seems I have been in a rut, and I am slowly working myself out of it.  Have a wonderful weekend y'all!


  1. yay you updated! I thought you went off to have the baby:)

  2. Keep us posted. And you look wonderful.

  3. No wonder you haven't been posting regularily. You are pregnant, you have a broken rib, you have two wild little angels, you are severly anemic.
    Eat meat!! Rest!! Hope the rib is feeling a little better.
    See you Tuesday. Your laundry is done, and I think you must have been rolling in the mud in your pj's. :)