Monday, March 15, 2010

A box of happiness delivered to my doorstep....

This past Saturday I opened my front door and found a package left by the mailman on my welcome mat!  It isn't too often that the mailman delivers a package but when he does, it is surely a super exciting boisterous event.  Caillou squeals... Mommy do we need a knife, mommy cut the box open!!  Caillou and Jasper see how excited their mommy gets and they get super silly too!  Jasper gets in on the chaos when packaging materials are involved such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, or packing peanuts. 
Okay.... back to this BOX...
... This special box was sent to me by
 a new friend of mine ,Gail , from
Do you notice that piece of fabric on the bottom of the pile?  It is the exact fabric I was raving about a few posts back, a vintage sheet found for 99 cents that I made into a quilt... and how it was my heart's desire to find another of these vintage lovelies....  Well, sweet Gail, had found not one but two of these fabulously cheerful, happy, and wonderful sheets, and surprised me and sent one my way!  While she was at it, she decided to fill the box with many other wonderful goodies.  I am so thrilled with my new stash of lovelies, and truly touched by the kindness and generosity my new friend sent my way.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  I promise to post pictures soon of the projects that emerge from this wonderful pile!


  1. How fun...blogging friends are the best,aren't they? Have fun with your goodies sweetie...can't wait to see your creations...whatever they may be I know they will be wonderful...God bless

  2. Have fun! Looks like a lot of great stuff!

  3. I am so glad you love the goodies! Enjoy them :)