Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a bit more of our everyday....

A bit more of our everyday this and that......


Crocheting blankets and sewing crib sheets for my little ones.
Caillou loves to sit next to me with his own ball of yarn and hook in hand and
pretends to make blankies for baby too!

Oh, how my boys love a trip to McDonalds for $1 cheeseburgers.  Caillou and Jasper snuggled up in Mama's bike trailer, and I pedaled through town to take them for an afternoon treat.  It was quite an adventure being as pregnant as I am.  I could hardly lift my leg up to get on my bike without losing my balance!  But they love the adventure and the playground!  So whenever I can scrounge up a few bucks, we head off to McDonalds for a special afternoon. 
Sleepy time in their big boy bunk bed from my mama, Boo-bah to the boys!


  1. More fun pictures...I love sweet serving their snacks in that muffin pan...great idea...the blanket you crocheted is beautiful...such bright wonderful colors....blessings to all of you.....

  2. I love crocheting brightly colored afghans for everyone too, and those sweet pictures of your kids and ice cream are absolutely priceless! Keep up the good work with your little ones and have a very Happy Easter weekend.
    Smile today. :)