Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day and red wagon adventures

We had quite a delightful Valentine's day. I baked lots of cupcakes for the boys to share in Sunday school, they had a swell time passing out their Valentine's. After church we took our jar of pennies to the coin machine in the grocery store and got $10! We made a little drive to one of my most favorite places, the old merry go round. It was a very sweet day!

Red Wagon Adventures.....

What on earth is that mountainous thing in our wagon? LAUNDRY!
Yesterday we walked to the laundromat to wash that mountain! It was quite a delightfully simple and fun adventure. The boys were quite happy to help. We walked to the little candy corner of the antique store and got 3 pieces of taffy, a gummy worm, and 3 gumdrops. The boys were quite pleased with their brown paper bags of yumminess.

Riding the Laundry Train.... We loudly sang our "Laundry Train" song and had a good deal of fun.


  1. Hi Ashley...your post reminds me so very much of days in my past when I pulled a little red wagon behind me loaded down with kids,laundry,groceries...whatever the task was for the day...we made a many a trip all over our little little ones had a ball with those rolling laundry baskets too...we would take lunch and spend half the day at the laundry mat doing our wash...thanks for the memories...your blog looks so fresh and springy...I am really getting anxious for some green and lots of flowers.....blessings to you and your little brood.....

  2. look at all that cuteness! I love the heart shirts and the bags. Great ideas and so creative! You're such a fun mom!