Sunday, February 21, 2010

I thought I would share a few random pictures from our week.
On Monday, I made a little trip down the hill without the kids for a girls day with my mama.
We had a yummy lunch at a really good restaurant called Mi Guadalahara. Then we mosied through a way too overcrowded antique store, no good treasures to be found unfortunately, and then a trip to to the craft store. It was a fun day out with Mama. Later that afternoon, I got the boys in their jammies and they went to their first pajama party. We had pizza and rootbeer, popcorn and sweet treats galore. They watched the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" they had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to have a late evening. It was 9pm by the time I got them home into bed, but they sure had fun! We had our laundry adventure on tuesday and a special meal for Mardi Gras. My husband fixed a large pot of gumbo. I am really not too fond of the stuff, but the boys like it. It was a pretty good week, we had a day of play at the park, lots of projects were worked on, and I even got to enjoy a massage at the spa. I have a buddy who is a massage therapist, and she has been so sweet to spoil me with a prenatal massage package gift certificate. It was quite relaxing and I can't wait to go again. I got the sickies again yesterday, this is one yucky cold flu this year! Today I should have did a bit more resting, but my fabric pile beckoned me to get up out of bed, and I spent half the day cutting quilt squares and drawing out new patterns for the boys. Jasper napped and Caillou played with all my scraps, using his little scissors snipping and trimming away. This next week will be a busy one, many projects waitng for me to work on and lots of adventures to have with the boys!


  1. Smiles from me. I loved my prenatal massages. ahhhhh! Seems like a lovely week.

  2. Sounds like a good week with lots of adventures...with such little ones everyday becomes an adventure I'm certain...glad you got a little me time for yourself...that means a lot.....have a blessed week....

  3. Love the pictures. Caillou looks like he is day dreaming in the first photo.
    I love the new background.
    Hope you are feeling better today.
    Kisses and hugs to all,
    See you Friday