Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy days...

Wow it has been over a week since I have shared my thoughts here on my blog. It has been a busy week. Caillou had a very happy birthday. He loved opening presents, and we had a special birthday lunch, and of course birthday cake. The boys both caught colds and I have been quite busy wiping noses, and encouraging them to take their homeopathic cough syrup, and trying to keep them still long enough for a breathing treatment on their asthma nebulizer machine. Our house has become a disaster zone in the past week, which I have been working quite hard to tidy up today. I refuse to put presents under the tree, until my house is back to it's usual cute and cluttered but clean self! We are about half-way there... I am in a nesting sort of mood, and trying to make improvements in all areas of the house, which is easier said than done, being that there is not much room in this tiny place. But I am in home improvement mode, moving things around, convinced that I will find a way to fit everything in how I want in and create a bit more room! Today I moved the diaper chaning table in from the shed, and it fit perfectly alongside the crib. The changing table has served many purposes, we picked it up at a thrift store while I was pregnant with Caillou, gave it a coat of white paint, and sewed a new cushion for it. It first served as Caillou's changing table, and then became more of a place to hold bins of toys, and then eventually went into the shed since most diapers ended up being changed anywhere but on that table! But it is back in the house again. Probably not for diaper changing of the new one on the way, but as something to hold his or her clothes in. I had hopes of buying a dresser, but there isn't much chance of that, especially since my long lanky Caillou really is in need of a twin bed, so.... I will get creative and adapt. As soon as I have the new baby area ready and presentable I will share some pics. I was able to use our car this weekend and had a fun outing with my mama. We did a bit of Christmas shopping and ate lunch out, yummy soup and sandwhiches! I am excited to have a few gifts under the tree for the boys from their mommy, even if it was my mama who gave me the money to shop for them! If I haven't said it before, I have the best mama ever ( Boo-bah to the boys!) She is always doing something for me and the boys, whether it be Christmas shopping money, or warm winter clothes for the boys, a yummy lunch out, baking yummies for her grandbabies, bringing PattiCakes dog food and treats, sending me sewing patterns in the mail, my mama is always doing something wonderful. Sunday was a quiet day recovering from Christmas shopping, going to church, and spending time at home. Yesterday I met with a nurse at my new doctors office, then had some bloodwork done, and upon standing up, apparently I passed out! I sure am glad the boys weren't with me, I can just picture myself unconscious and the kids running circles and causing terrible mischief! This Friday I go back and meet with the actual doctor, I am hoping that I will be able to find out whether baby #3 is a boy or a girl. I would absolutley love getting to sew darling little dresses for a baby girl, but I do love my boys, and I can't shake the image out of my mind that I am laying a new baby down in the crib and the baby is wearing a blue onesie. Boy or girl, I will be perfectly happy with either. Well, I suppose I should get back to tidying up this mess of a house! I have much sewing to do this week to finish up for Christmas, lots of Christmas baking ahead, and I really would like to do some more canning. My sweet icicle pickles I canned in October were delightful, and the pickle relish wasn't half bad either, a little too sweet, but still yummy! Well, before I finish with the tidying up, the boys and I are going to walk to the little corner market for a bag of tortilla chips and some tomatoes for later. This little store is pretty gross and very stinky, weird meats and cheeses that I don't dare even inquire about, and many other odd food items that I can't imagine consuming, but they are convenient when we are out of milk, or I have a craving to make nachos and no tortilla chips! And after that nacho craving, I will clear the table and put a Christmas table cloth on it!!! Chips to eat, work to do! Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a lot of busyness and memories. Good to hear from you.

  2. Hello dear Ashley,my you have been busy....your mama is so sweet to you and your little ones...I am glad you have her to support you...so many young mothers to not have mamas such as yours....Love the picture of the boys....Their smiling faces are a blessing to see....Take care and don't over do yourself...enjoy the Christmas season with your little family....blessings

  3. Remember the messes will still be there, even when the children grow up, but you will always have these wonderful times to look back on with your little ones. Don't overdo yourself, especially at Christmas time so you can enjoy the fun too. Merry Christmas!