Wednesday, May 6, 2009

squeaky clean...

Is this what your evening looks like? I hope so! There is nothing better than freshly bathed, sweet smelling babies using their mommy as a great big towel! Miraculously, my boys are bathed, fed their supper, and getting ready for bedtime, and it's only 6pm! They have been up like little roosters in the morning, so they are going to bed early. As they say... early to bed, early to rise.....


  1. Boo-Bah really loves these pictures. Going to bed early gives you time to sew and work on all your crafts.

    I am looking forward to our day tomorrow. I hope it's cooler so I won't tire out early in the day. So it is to Michaels? Joann's? Country antique store? Lunch? That's enough to keep us busy.

    Love Mama

  2. How sweet! Nothing cuter than a bare-bottomed baby. Have fun with Boo-Bah tomorrow.

  3. Love cute squeaky clean babes. By the way your are so cute even as a towel. I love your outfit.