Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jasper... future computer repair man....

 My computer had a horrible virus, that I was unable to get off for weeks, but somehow briany little jasper sat down and after tappping and thumping on my keyboard for 2 minutes, VIRUS GONE! POOF!  SO now that my computer is back and working here is a quicky little post.  Caillou has started a wonderful preschool program 2 days a week to help him with his adhd.  Jasper is sweet and silly as ever and loves his special time with mommy when the school bus comes and takes big brother off to school.  Ollie is 6 months old!!!!!  I can hardly believe that the time has passed this quickly.  I have sooo many pictures to post, halloween, first day of preschool, first school lunch, crafty projects, adventures, but... the little people are underfoot and my computer time must be short.  We are working on a lovely gnome house (doll house for my little men) and having so much fun doing so, I am finally starting to get back into a crafting... sewing..baking... groove.  We are getting very excited about the holidays, and Caillous 4th b-day!!  We have acquired a white poodle... okay she is blue... Mrs. Stewarts liquid bluing is really best used in moderation.  Miss poodle eats everything... binkys, clothespins, legos, rubber ducks, it is quite exasperating.  Our chickens and ducks have found a new home next door with the neighbors... long story short... the boys put our dear duck in the refridgerator and shut her in.  I discovered her after hearing a horrible thumping and whacking sound coming from the kitchen.  I opened the fridge door to see an explosion of feathers come towards me and one cold, irritated duck.  Naughty boys..... naughty boys may not have pet chickens and ducks when they are not nice to them.  As for Miss. Poodle she is staying for now, she is holding her own quite well with the short rowdy people.  She is hyper, wild, frisky, and always into something, she is the furry version of Caillou!  Well that is all for now... the little peoples are making mischief!


  1. Oh my poor duck!!! Your boys do the funniest things!

  2. Hi Dear Ashley,so good to hear from you and your little ones...I love that sweet banner picture....I don't know how I missed your previous post but,I am catching up! I love the sweet videos of Caillou...the one of him singing to his hen had me smiling from ear to ear...Loved hearing his sweet voice....blessings to you all and wishing you a wonderful holiday season...