Thursday, August 5, 2010

A week of Diet Coke....

I am addicted to diet coke, or diet pepsi, doesn't really matter as long as it is ice cold, and from a soda fountain.  I don't care for it much in the bottle or the can, I will drink it, however, it is the icey cold, bubbly, straight from the soda fountain, good stuff that I prefer.  3 blocks from my house is my diet coke, "go to" spot.  The girls in there all know me, and laugh when I come in with my procession of children, wild, noisy, and usually dirty from a trip to the park, or a romp in the garden.  Or when I come in at the end of a very long day, and march over to that soda machine and the with my big cup in hand, walk over to the counter and say " you don't know what a day I have had, I need my diet coke"  They particularly find it funny when I come in more than twice on the same day, which.... sometimes I do.  Sooo, I decided to collect my cups for a week to see just how bad my diet soda addiction is... well as you can see by the picture... it is not good.
In one week I consumed 1624 ounces of ice cold diet coke, possibly more if you consider the refills.
1624 ounces, that is more than 13 gallons of diet soda.  Dear me, what am I going to do?  I find myself really needing my ice cold lifesaver to get me through my day, and one to gulp down as I rock in my rocking chair at night, recovering from a wild day with toddlers.  This habit.... cannot be good.


  1. This is worse than my dietrite habit!! No wonder you have to have potty breaks so often on our outings.

  2. Let's see... Maybe you could fill each cup with flowers and imagine how lovely they will look in your hospital room when your children lose their Momma early to cancer. It's true. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog even though I am one of those read but never post types here.

    We all have our bad habits but this one is really bad or your health. The diet is especially dangerous. If you like me are not the go cold turkey type could you switch to a small size?
    Plus, the aspartemene (sp?) is crossing into your breastmilk to baby dear. :-(
    Now, feel free to come over to my site and you can lecture me too. :-)
    Don't be too mad at me after you were so very honest. Just think that you are way too good of a Momma for those boys to los you early and that's where cancer causing drinks like these will tak you.

  3. Ashley! i miss you guys!! you should make a house out of those cupsss(: hahah or cute little hates:D haha
    love you guys and miss you MUCHO!!!

  4. Oh, Ashley, you need to embark on experiencing the joy of robios red tea...vanilla...iced...yummmmmmmm...and super duper healthy!

  5. ok girl, time for an intervention! I understand those simple things we need to do as mommies to feel as though we have a little treat for ourselves to keep our sanity. Ok, so here is my suggestion and what has worked for me, me being a Pepsi girl. I'm not suggesting you stop drinking Diet Coke, because that probably won't happen, but the first thing you CAN do is to only allow yourself the small serving size, don't get the medium and definitely not the large. And the other thing is to limit it to ONCE a day. Think of all the pennies and calories you'll be saving. Baby steps my dear. XO.

  6. Diet coke is nasty!!!! I can't believe how much you consume in a week! You should buy a cow and a costco sized chocolate milk mix, then you will have a constant supply of a very yummy drink!

  7. WORK STINKS!!! I wish I was home beinging a full time momma again :( Seriously, I think it may be time to reconsider the diet coke's LOL!