Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Days....

sewing with mama....
and sharing cake with Blah-Blah the monkey
mmmmm, yummy mama!

a little bedtime cake....

painting while the rain falls.....

apple sauce in the making....

old crayon bits.....

into new crayons!

making songs for mama....

Here in sunny southern California.... it has been anything but sunny. 80 mile per hour winds, pouring rain, thunder, lighting, and hail. I love it! I am very thankful that we still have our little home to stay dry in. Panic has begun to once again set in, February 1st is nearing, my husband still has not found work, and we still have not a penny in our pockets. I know that even if we find a way to pay rent, if he does not start work immediately, March will be just as worrisome. It has been a blur of job application after job application, hoping and praying. The stress, worry, and fear is too much for me. I know money will never be in abundance in our family, I just want to have the peace of mind knowing that my babies will have a little place to call home, a place for warm bubble baths, and snuggly mornings, a place for mama to bake cookies and a little corner to sew for my little ones. I want to not have to be in a panic when we run out of dish soap or diapers or Tums for my heartburn. I just want to be able to get by. My mama, thank goodness for my mama, if it weren't for her, this situation would be even more horrible. My mama always keeps my boys in their diapers and training underwear, shoes that fit, warm sweaters, toys and treats. She washes their dirty clothes every week for me and makes emergency trips up the hill to our town to save us in the knick of time before the electricity gets shut off. She cheers me up with trips for patterns and yarn, yummy lunches, baby clothes, toilet paper and pimple cream! Our outings are always aimed to cheer me up, and keep my mind off my worries. There is usually always a diet coke and bakery cookies for the boys, and a toddler temper tantrum and us running from the store in embarrasment at my childrens will antics, but as harried as the days are, they help me keep my sanity. I have been trying hard to not let my panic and worries overcome me, and have been keeping busy with the goodies my mama keeps me supplied with. Sewing and crocheting, baking and playing with my littles. Today.... we are listening to the rain pour, waiting for it to let up long enough to bundle up, take off in our rickety red wagon, and fetch some milk from the store. I think it will be a soggy adventure!


  1. Ashley I hope you made the trip without getting too wet. It has rained pretty hard here off and on. The news said we are in for some more rain today, but sunshine tomorrow.

    Kisses and hugs to you, the boys, patti cakes, the duck and the chickens too.

    Love your mama aka Boo-Bah

  2. Thank goodness for mama, huh. I pray your husband finds a job soon.

  3. I am thinking of you sweetie and praying that job comes soon....blessings to your family....

  4. I love the crayons, how cute! And the band is great! Christopher has drums! hehe! Homemade applesauce sounds so yummy. What a wonderful mommy you are to those boys:)
    ~lazy bestie

  5. the crayons are adorable! I just happened on your blog today... I will be praying for your situation. your boys look so happy and so loved. aren't we all thankful for mommas who love us and take care of us even when we are big kids?? :)