Friday, August 21, 2009

A little about me...

This monday I will be turning 26. It feels very old to me. Perhaps it is because I was married at 19. Perhaps it is because I have always felt older than I am. Perhaps it is because, I never had a period of time in my life that I was a wild rebel. Well, my grandma might beg to differ..... but I mean, wild in the ways of drinking, partying, all that stuff. Perhaps I feel old, because 26 is old, well to me. My husband, who is 17 years older than me, just rolls his eyes at me when I express just how old I feel. But, old or not, 26 is what I will be come monday. So, since I rarely post anything about myself, my two kids are much more interesting I assure you... I decided to post 26 things about me. Here goes...
1. I have never lived more than 30 minutes away from where I was born.
2. I went to bed with a jar of crayons rather than a stuffed animal when I was little.
3. I spent 16 years of my life as a tap dancer. I still teach a class every now and then.
4. I have never had a big dog, I have had lots of little ones though, Tia, Trinket, Tita, & Pearlene
5. I didn't get my drivers license until 1 month before Caillou was born.
6. My grandma is my best friend.
7. I don't like airplanes, spiders, scary movies, freeways, or snakes
8. I used to have my nose pierced.
9. My favorite color is yellow.
10. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
11. I have an addiction to eating out, my grandma supports my addiction!
12. I am an only child, my grandma raised me.
13. My kindergarten boyfriend was Patrick Wheatcroft, we planned to be married at mcdonalds.
14. I am a night owl.
15. I have never worn high heel shoes a day in my life.
16. I was almost named Victoria Nichole, my nickname would have been vicky-nicky!
17. I started a teddy bear making business when I was 14.
18. I have the names picked out for all the babies I plan on having!
19. My favorite flower is gerbera daisies and yellow roses too!
20. I don't like Italian food.
21. I have gone to christian school, public school, and homeschool, I graduated at 16.
22. I lived in the same house for 20 years of my life.
23. I am now living in the town, that my Grandma grew up in, in a house behind the church she attended as a teenager.
24. I secretly want a bright yellow volkswagen bug, with flowery upholstery!
25. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall.
26. I love freckles, chocolate malted crunch ice cream from thrifty's, polka dots, fifties dresses, aprons, and miniature donkeys.
So, that's it in a nutshell. 26 things about me. I am just your average run of the mill plain jane sort of gal, with an aspiration to be a croos from little miss suzy homemaker and the lady that lived in a shoe!


  1. You are the funnest 26 yr old I've ever met! I'm 50 so if I do a post like you, we'll all be yawning by the time we get to 35 and may not make it to 50. I intend to follow your blog and if you go to my blogs posting today, you'll see The Old Women who lived in the shoe...yahooooo!

  2. Happy almost birthday! We have numbers 8, 14, and 25 in common. Have a wonderful trip Monday.

  3. Again, Happy Birthday. It is funny, at 25 I thought it was almost over! I felt so old then. More than I did at 30, 40 and 45.
    You slept with crayons? That is a topic for a whole post, girl. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. If I did that, my readers would fall asleep.

  4. I loved reading your 26 things. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Travel safely. You are beautiful in and out. That is a super birthday activity. Looks like the weather will cooperate. Rain or shine, have fun!

  6. Oh my gosh you are soooooooo beautiful, inside and out!!! It's so good to know a little more about you.

    I turned 44 this year and having just had some female surgery and experience hot flashes (or power surges as I prefer to call them) for the 1st time, I'm certainly feeling my age lol!