Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun filled days...

I have been lazy about posting pictures lately.... we have just been so busy around here.... here is what we've been up to....

planting, picking and eating strawberries....
playing all day long

enjoying the fresh air

cuddling our loved ones

Planting seeds
Trying new foods
reading good books
having adventures
Waiting for the ice cream man!
Taking lots of baths

just hanging out
relaxing in a sunny spot

Life has been great. My days are busy, but they are good, very good.


  1. Beautiful, Ashley. Keep having fun!

  2. I love the look on your baby's bath photo! So sweet.Cindy

  3. Oh they are so cute!! I love them more each day. Jasper was so cute with the Easter Bunny yesterday. I think they are two truly beautiful smart sweet little boys. They are going to fill your life with such sweet mischief and surprises. Never a dull day in your life! At least not for quite a few years.


  4. I want to be a kid again!!!!!! Please!!!! They look so carefree and cute!

  5. SO CUTE!
    Your yard is just beautiful... but I guess kids that cute would make any landscape sparkle! I just wanna pinch those adorable chubby cheeks!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Cute pictures..Looks like a wonderful kids...