Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Ballad of Boo-bah... from Caillou and Jasper

Our Boo-Bah is the greatest... kind, gentle, and sweet...
Her house is cozy, country, and always very neat...
She has a great big loving heart, and a great big snuggly hug...
Our Boo-bah gives us nice soft sweaters to keep us warm and snug...
Our Boo-bah likes to play with us, and get us lovely toys...
Our Boo-bah means the world to us, we are glad we're Grandma's boys...
She makes us num num cookies, and the best tuna sandwich in town,
Our Boo-bah makes us laugh and giggle, she is so much better than a clown...
Boo-bah really loves us, and we adore her too...
Boo-bah is the greatest, we love her through and through! 
xoxo Caillou and Jasper

The daily diet of a toddler...

Today Caillou consumed...

Grape Juice
French toast and banana's with maple syrup
m&m's ... he tried to share one with a preying mantis
apple juice
rootbeer, dropped it on the ground before he got any though!
two worms... which he dug out of the garden all by himself
quesadilla, guacamole, rice, and beans,
a nibble of hershey pie
nearly an entire can of vegetable soup
more banana....
and at last more water

I guess working in the yard all day makes a toddler hungry!

Friday, November 28, 2008

My little house on the prairie home...

We are no longer backyardless!  In fact we have an abundance of dirt, rocks, grass, and trees to have fun in!  We have been moving into our new little home, which I have been calling "my little house on the prairie home."  The inside of the house is pretty well set, with the exception of hanging pictures and finding a spot for my deep freezer, which houses meat I don't cook, and cookies that don't stay in there long enough to get frozen!  Today, the boys and I took a break from working on the inside of the house and moved some rocks!  We have lots of small rocks and gravel in our backyard.  We are moving the rocks to make room for our great big fruit and veggie garden, chicken coop, swing set, and clothesline, and putting the rocks to better use by making a little old country driveway.  We moved 4 red wagons full of rocks today!  We will be back out tomorrow working on our little hillbilly farm!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home sweet home...

Hooray we are moving!  It all has happened so fast it is almost like a dream.  We found this little old house on monday, and starting moving in yesterday.  Our new house was built in 1906 and has been fully restored.  It is quite beautiful, with old wood floors that echo as Caillou gallops down the hall.  I have a huge yard!  Plenty of room for pumpkins, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, chickens, swingsets, clotheslines, and more!  I am very happy about our new little home. 

Potty Break?

While out and about exploring abandoned properties... trespassing? what's that?  We stumbled across this shoddy old potty, where as Caillou exclaimed with glee.... "poo poo!"

Party time...

Caillou will be two soon!  Here is a sneak peek of what I am planning for his party!

High chair strike!!!

On this particular evening, Caillou refused to eat his dinner unless he could eat on top of the deep freezer.  Boy oh boy, I sure do love this quirky kid!

4 months old...

I can hardly believe my sweet little Jasper is already going to be 4 months old tomorrow!  He is growing up way to fast for mommy.  Today he rolled over from his back to his tummy!  Hooray for Jasper!!!  He is so laid back and happy.  Everyone comments on what an easy baby he is.  Honestly, I think a hamster requires more maintenance than my little Jasper!  Jasper is just the most perfectly happy baby ever!  I love to snuggle him close and kiss his fuzzy little head all day long!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two peas in a pod...

I have said it a zillion times, and I am going to say it again... I LOVE MY BABY BOYS!
Caillou and Jasper are becoming closer every day.  Caillou has been such a good little boy accepting sweet little Jasper into our home.  He has made the transition from being the baby of the house to being the little man around here superbly! He really loves his brother and it is such a wonderful relationship to watch grow.  The other day, Jasper was coughing and Caillou came running to help his little brother.  Caillou had such concern and worry in his eyes for his little brother.  Today they played in the kitchen while I made Caillou's favorite mini meatloaves.  Jasper laid on a quilt, and Caillou dragged it around giving him a ride across the house, they both laughed and smiled at each other.  Caillou rolled Jasper up in the blanket like a burrito and then unrolled him, rolled, unrolled,  again and again,  both boys giggling all the while!  I can just picture them playing about a year from now!  Oh the trouble they will get into.  Jasper is still very mellow and relaxed in comparison to Caillou, however I see a little mischief brewing in the little guy every now and then.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Okay, so I was having a little trouble scrap booking tonight. Nothing seemed to be sticking to the page.  Could it be that it was because I was using my chapstick instead of a glue stick?!?  So.... is it the prozac???  Or am I always this dumb?


I am mischief wearing a smile....
I am a tornado with two little feet,
I am noisy and loud, rowdy and proud,
but momma says I'm precious and sweet!
I am the reason that momma's so tired
and has bite marks up and down both her arms...
I spit out most my food,  get into angry moods,
I stomp and I scream, and I throw many things
but momma just hugs me and sings.
She sings to me songs of I love you's, 
She tells me to try to be good,
 I wiggle and squirm, and don't do what I should,
but momma still loves me anyway!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Emancipation of a Crawdad...

A couple of weeks ago we got a new pet... Bubba the crawfish.  Well, Bubba turned out to be a rather dirty, foul smelling creature.  Every other day the water in his tank would be brown, and stink of sewage.  Today I decided that Bubba would be happier in the wild, and I would be happier not scrubbing the tank every few days.  Caillou, Jasper, Bubba, and I traveled by stroller to Bubba's new home.  We were stopped briefly by the sign above, but since neither Caillou, nor Jasper, or Bubba could read what it said, I decided why spoil the fun.....
We were quite ceremoniously greeted by dozens of ducks who led the way to Bubba's new home
   Here is where are dear friend Bubba resides, in the pond behind the grocery store full of    homeless ducks and friendly abandoned cows in the pasture behind.  We will be back again       tomorrow to visit our new friends at the pond.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Best Friends

Here is Caillou with his very best buddy, Christopher!!!  His mommy and I met in Lamaze class.  Our boys were born on the same day, in the same hospital, just a few hours apart!!! They have been the best of buds!  Christopher is a sweet and patient friend, who still loves his buddy, even though Caillou has been known to bite him on occasion!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

With Daddy being on the road this year, we decided to go to Grandma's to celebrate Halloween.  Caillou wore the cat costume I made for him, he was Mr. Sunshine, Grandma Boo-Bah's beloved maine coone cat.  Jasper was his adorable self, dressed up in a super festive, comfy outfit, and a puppy hat.  We went trick or treating at the mall.  It was very nice... well lit, mostly other little kids, and not too many scary costumes to spook the kiddies!  We spent the night at a hotel with Grandma Boo-Bah and Grammy for a special Halloween sleepover.  There wasn't much sleep involve, but it was fun.... however I don't think Caillou is quite ready for sleepovers yet!  Or perhaps the sleepovers just aren't ready for wild Caillou!